Referral lists, NOT everyone is QUALIFIED!

Referral lists from tile stores, online services and established professional associations are a convenient way to find a tile setter for your tilling project. However, when you scratch the surface and do a little research, it might be surprising to realize that the definition of a professional installer varies depending on who you are talking to.  That is, referral lists are generally not made by tile experts or tile consultants. Frequently, they are the  fruit of a sales manager’s best intentions and assumptions, or simply, the result of unrecognized independent procedures. In addition, the lists often come as a courtesy but without legal warranties. Simply, because there are no legal ties and because it is always the tile installer responsibility to inspect and certify the tile quality, substrates preparation and installation mortars. That is, most of the proposed installers have some degree of experience and a basic RBQ license. But, ironically they rarely possess the only official criteria recognized by the Quebec’s construction law that defines a true professional tile setter. That is, a certificate of competence and qualifications (CCJ) from the ”Commission de la Construction of Quebec” (CCQ). In addition, everyone assumes that installations will be done as per industry standards. However, neither the reference nor the referrals act professionally if they are not members of the Tile Terrazzo Marble Association of Canada (TTMAC) – because they have no access to specifications and tile installations norms.

As such, from a legal and financial perspective, it is important to choose your tile installer based on the degree of difficulty of your project . Because, interdependently of how good and reliable everyone’s installers might be, no one will inspect and certify the quality of your tile installation. Carefully identifying the true qualified and certified tile setter from the list of the proposed ”professionals” could protect you from paying twice for the tiles and the work.

Awarded member of the Tile Terrazzo Marble Association (TTMAC)

Title Terrazzo Marble Association of Canada

Our commitment to quality and innovation has encouraged us to become a member of the TTMAC. This association regroups all the major manufacturers, architects, contractors, designers, specifiers and engineers of the tile industry across the country. Its mandate is to act as a technical resource and to establish industry norms through the standardization of installation methods. We were one of the first tile installation contractors in Montreal to become member of the association. As an active member, we have contributed to the Canadian tile installer thin-set standards course. We also have contributed our expertise and work portfolio to specialized magazines published by the CSC (construction Specifications Canada), the TTMAC and NTCC (National Tile Contractor’s Association – its American counterpart). In addition, we promote the importance of standards among Montreal’s tile retailers and put them into application daily. During the industry annual competitions, the TTMAC has honored us with six consecutive awards, five for best Technical product Application in 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and one for best Residential Project 2010. Nonetheless, we have also received honorable mentions for the projects that reached the finals in the categories: Residential Project 2009, Stone Project 2009 and Technical Application 2010.  We are proud to have been selected among many of the best tile contractors across Canada. But we are particularly honored by the fact that we share these industry awards with Schluter-Systems, who’s associated with us for this competition since we first participated in 2009.


Régie du Bâtiment du Québec license (RBQ)        Our RBQ license:  8326-8722-04

Regie du Batiment du Quebec

In Quebec, any construction or renovation company is required to have a “Régie du bâtiment du Québec” (RBQ) license. However, holding a RBQ license does not imply that the contractor, his employees or subcontractors, are qualified. To be qualified, a professional requires a certificate of competence (CCQ). As opposed to the commercial and the new residential, the renovation market does not have any inspectors to monitor the quality and the professional competences of the workers. Even in the case where  a permit is required, no thorough examination ever follows. Unfortunately, this encourages some general contractors to look beyond project management and into improvised work. In sum, holding an RBQ license is the first step in establishing the basis of a professional business. For the rest, you required to be a qualified and certified professional. Generally, the best warranty is the peace of mind that the work is compliant with industry’s standards and manufacturers’ specifications.


Certificate of competence:  Master installer (CCJ)

Commission de la Construction du QuebecAside from an RBQ license, a qualified and certified tile installer needs to hold a certificate of competence  (CCJ or CCC compagnon – in French) issued by the Commission de la  Construction du Québec (CCQ).  This certificate is mandatory for any tile installer working in any of the market sectors under the jurisdiction of the CCQ – industrial, commercial and new residential.  Unfortunately, the residential renovation market is totally private and therefore does not get inspected unless the renovations are structural. Therefore, it is up to the home owners to protect themselves by hiring  licensed (RBQ), but mainly, certified (CCQ) professionals. For additional information, please visit the CCQ website.

Schluter-Systems certification

Schluter-System proof of product know how  Schluter-Systems is a worldwide industry leader in the field of custom shower waterproofingSchluter certificate and uncoupling membrane systems. We have extensive experience with their membrane systems and we are also very proud to have partnered with them since 2009 for the annual industry awards. Today, we share together 6 consecutive industry awards and 3 honorable mentions from the tile industry (TTMAC).


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