Cement tiles

Modern style kitchen with a display of classical black and white color tons. The backsplash features Moroccans cement tiles that create an astonishing wallpaper effect with their daring black and white design. While the Superwhite granite counter tops negotiates the cabinets’ white glossy finish transition with the large size charcoal porcelain tiles on the kitchen floor. And what to say about the seamless hardwood floor transition… Well, the Schluter-Ditra uncoupling membranes negotiates all the enormous weight load while absorbing the expansion and contraction movements from the cozy radiant floor. All of which rest on just one layer of plywood, marvelous!

Project in the printed press:

JE DÉCORE – Hors Série cuisinesmagazine-kitchen-ceramiques-hugo – September 2013  pages , 86-87 

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