Curbless shower designs

In this project, we have used our extensive experience in curbless shower designs to construct a custom master bathroom. We replaced the original acrylic enclosure by a barrier free shower that drastically opened up the space. The new tile shower strikes the imagination by the absence of thresholds and glass doors. Just a narrow fixed glass is enough to prevent water splashes against the bathroom door. Water is driven towards the drain at a rate of 1/4” per linear foot and any water drops stagnating outside the shower perimeter are evaporated by the floor heating system. Contrary to general believes this open concept is far from offering a cold showering experience – One goes and comes out of the shower at room temperature. The shower also incorporates a thermostatic valve, a built in niche, and a custom linear drain with a stainless steel grate. The chosen porcelain tile imitates large coral stones. As result, we exposed the tile side around the niche to keep the natural look.  And as with all our curbless shower designs, we protected the tiled surfaces with a combination of waterproofing and uncoupling membranes from Schluter-Systems.


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