Custom tile shower

This project came with a significant technical challenge. The house was more than a century old. There were no floor joists, but just floor beams with 6′ spreads. And the bathroom floor came downhill at a rate of 1″ per linear foot. The floor beam was reinforced but no additional floor joists could be added. As a result, we had to address the floor deflection on top of the substrate, while correcting a 3” slope. This ultimately led to the use of the Schluter-Ditra membrane as an uncoupling and waterproofing system.

The new custom tile shower was fitted with a linear drain, two stacked tile niches and a ultra clear glass enclosure. But most importantly, it was custom built curbless to maximize the little available space. The home owner selected a large size porcelain tile with a rustic finish to match the style of the house. And we grouted everything with epoxy grout to help make the maintenance at ease.


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