The home owners from this Victorian house had last renovated their ensuite bathroom back in the early 90’s. The small shower and bulky bath did not longer satisfied their needs for space. As a result, the room was transformed into a spacious and luxurious bathroom with an extra large curbless and doorless shower. The shower features a sizable glass wall, custom niche and rain shower. It also hides a linear drain under its floor tiles. The additional square footage gained by the elimination of the bath, opened up the space and the concept was further enhanced by the seamless transition between the bathroom and shower floors. The new design also took into consideration the needs of the home owner’s pet by incorporating a dripping water fountain just above the shower drain. The double sink vanity is topped with classic white Carrara marble and plenty of  storage space is available by the indented cabinet closet. The dark porcelain tiles were grouted with epoxy grout while stain and water resistance was also built into the wall joints using a grout maximizer from Mapei. The floor is kept cozy by an electric radiant mat and all tiled surfaces were waterproof and protected with an uncoupling membrane and movement joints from Schluter-Systems.


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