Entrance shower drain

The renovation of this bathroom emanated from a faulty shower construction. The new design called for a bigger shower and the elimination of the bathtub in favor of additional square footage. The shower drain needed to be re-positioned. However, condominium bylaws restrained the options. As such, the old bathtub piping was reconfigured to fit the new linear drain at entry of the shower (This type of configurations is often restricted by local plumbing code, as such a master plumber is recommended). An entrance shower drain with an inverted slope in a curbless shower configuration can give chills to people who have experienced water leaks. However, this is totally functional as gravity drains water towards the lowest point on the floor. The only downside in this design is the choice of body jets with a doorless shower. Technically, this has no impact as the bathroom floor was fully waterproof. Nevertheless, there are not many water drops outside the shower perimeter as the owner is very satisfied and far from regretting his choice of design.

This project also came with an important structural challenge. We had to address a control joint in the concrete slab, aligned with the shower structure. As a result, we incorporated flexible joints on the tile assembly to absorb movement while keeping it waterproof and free of cracks.


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