Open doorless shower

This renovation of an outdated bathroom from the 50’s is a good example of how to make better use of a small unimaginative space. The old shower enclosure was replaced by a zero level entry, open doorless shower to maximizes square footage. An additional 6″ were gained thanks to a suspended toilet bowl. The hanging sink also added to the space and easiness of cleaning. The built-in medicine cabinet with its vertical sliding door and the new entrance pocket door made the stretched bathroom even more functional. And the shower drain was also put to the contribution by blending to the floor tiles.

The renovated bathroom now has a modern flare, a comfortable heated floor and a new built-in tile soapbox. The homeowners are also protected from moisture and cracks with a waterproofing and uncoupling membrane system from Schluter. And to make their life even easier, the tiles were grouted with epoxy grout.


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