Open floor concept

Transformation of a laundry and washroom into a new open floor concept bathroom. The room is tiled with large 12×24” porcelain tiles and features a custom built doorless and barrier free shower. Available space is maximized by the absence of the traditional shower curb and by the use linear drain that hides away its presence by its tillable grate. The shower incorporates a custom niche indented into the wall, and built to the exact size of a tile for a symmetrical look and feel. The floor was manually leveled with mortar and it houses an electrical radiant system for comfort and faster water evaporation. The entire floor and wall tile assembly is protected from water infiltrations and cracks with Schluter-Systems‘ membranes. At last, the linear and uniform style of the tile is contrasted by the natural cherry cabinetry and by the modern recessed lighting system that gives it a an architectural effect.


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