Tub to shower conversion

This project is a classical example of a bathtub to a tile shower conversion. The old kid’s bathtub was replaced by a 5′ linear drain. The design involved the use of 48×8” porcelain tiles with a distinctive natural look of barn wood. They were installed across the floor, into the shower and the back wall to give the room addition depth. The remaining bathroom walls were tiled with 6×24” white glazed ceramic tiles to create contrast and light up the space. Group lines were grouted with epoxy and were kept at a tiny 1/16” to blend with the modern design. Additional space was also created by the use of a curbless and doorless shower. The absence of shower sills gives a cleaner look, but also a major maintenance advantage. The same applies to the custom shower niche. It was carefully planned to be positioned below the mixing valve and centered on the wall. This indented space provides ample room for a large set of toiletries.

The bathroom and shower radiant floor is the room’s main heating system. It provides a cozy floor throughout the year and also helps evaporate any water drops outside the shower perimeter. The tile assembly is protected by a combination of expansion joints, waterproof and uncoupling membranes from Schluter-Systems.


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