Plywood substrates

Sub-floor preparation for tile installation varies based on the nature and size of your tile and the existing type of sub-floor construction. The common mistake is to only focus on the plywood preparation without much attention to the floor structure. The type of joists, their spread, reach and deflection will determine if the floor is suitable for tile installation, regardless of the number of plywood layers. However, the plywood type, thickness and plywood installations norms are also important in the tile floor assembly. The general outlines provided by tile retailers and technical support departments are based on current standards and construction codes, which do not necessarily apply to all types of situations – specially to the large variety of construction types found in the renovation market. As such, the only way to determine how to properly prepare a sub-floor for tile installation is to consider the existing floor structure type and to perform a deflection test based on the size and nature of the tile to be laid. For renovation projects over non-conventional structures, we can access the floor and construction type and reinforce the floor joists if necessary. However, if you happen to have a carpenter or a general contractor, we recommend to contact us before doing any floor preparation.

Floor Reconstruction

Old floor structures

New engineered joists

Floor joist reinforcement

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