Shower waterproofing

With six consecutive industry awards shared with Schluter-Systems for the waterproofing and tiling of bathroom projects, we are the leading specialist in Montreal for building custom tile showers. We protect the shower structures using specialized drains and a bonded waterproofing membrane installed directly underneath the tiles. As opposed to cement boards, rubber membranes and other techniques, this remains the most effective method for shower waterproofing because the membrane completely isolates the shower structures from water, humidity and mold.

But as important as preventing water leaks is, the membrane remains only one element in the shower waterproofing system. The secrete behind a long lasting easy maintenance shower has also a lot to do with its structures and the compatibility between the membranes, adhesives and the tiles. As such, inadequate installation materials account for a lot of the efflorescence, bonding, mildew and grout discoloration issues in tile showers. This is in part due to retailers and general contractors offering standard mortar and grout products for all types of situations.

On the other hand, we take great care in the selection of the best installation system based on your tile size and nature and we are not limited by difficult to use products and inventory restraints. As a master tile installer, we have access to far more specialized installation materials than the average contractor or tile store. And as opposed to a sales or support agent, our expert advise is backed up by a legal responsibility on your shower project.

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