Shower drains


Kerdi-Line – grate options

The shower drain with its connection mechanism to the waterproofing membrane is the second most important element in the shower system. Modern drains have an integrated bonding flange for an easy and watertight connection with the waterproofing membrane. Older drains have a distinctive mechanical connection under the shower floor, thereby, exposing the cement to continuous moisture. Today, customers have the choice between a regular floor drain and a linear drain. Generally the central floor drain is used with mosaic tiles or tiles not bigger than 4×4’’. The linear drain could also be used with mosaic tiles, but it is often the preferred choice with large format tile installations featuring modern barrier free showers.



Linear drains – Schluter-Kerdi-Line

Linear drains are the latest trend in tile showers. There is a wide variety available in the market and they could also be custom made to specific dimensions and plumbing requirements. They could be used in any shower configuration regardless of the substrate. Most of the time they are positioned against the back wall of a shower, but they could also be placed by the middle of the floor or even by the shower door entrance. As with any other shower floor drain, they could be used with traditional shower sills. However, their beauty is at their best when implemented with seamless or curbless showers, making the bathroom look bigger by reaching into the shower area with the same bathroom floor tile.

Shower linear drain

Drain with stainless steel grate

Drain with framed tile grate

Drain with frameless tile grate


Central shower drain – Schluter-Kerdi-Drain

We use Schluter-Systems‘ Kerdi-drain for regular shower floor drains because it is one of the only drains available with a bonding flange to connect the new waterproofing membranes. The drain grate is available in a 6×6″ square or round format, but it is most popular in its 4×4″ format. The grate is available in stainless steel, anodized aluminum and there is also the possibility of a 4×4’’ tillable grate. The grate is easily removable for maintenance and easy access to the drainage piping.

Schluter-Kerdi-Drain assembly

Kerdi drain installation

Kerdi-drain with mortar

Kerdi-drain with glass mosaics

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