Steam waterproofing

Steam showers need to be completely vapor and water resistant as they are exposed to huge amounts of water vapor. Steam can easily penetrate through grout, cement, and condensates as soon as it becomes in contact with a cold surface. Failure to properly address vapor infiltration throughout the shower structure, seals and fixtures can rapidly give rise to leaks, mold and fungus problems. We waterproof and seal steam showers using the Schluter-Systems waterproofing system. These showers are normally fitted with comfort fixtures such as a bench, niche and a curbed or sloped ceiling to force water condensation onto the walls. Traditional doors sills could be eliminated based on the barrier free concept and central or linear drains could be used to accommodate mosaic or large format tile installations.

Vapor shower waterproofing

Water and steam protected

Tiled shower bench

Tiled shower ceiling

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