Walk-in tile showers

The basic tile shower has a mosaic floor with a small water retention wall at the shower’s entrance. This structure, also known as a shower curb, threshold or sill, is about 6” in height and it is typically finished in stone with a custom built glass enclosure fixed on top of it. As opposed to the general practice, we build these structures using reinforced mortar and extruded polystyrene. This approach is superior to traditional wood conceptions as it is dimensionally stable and well suited for the new bondage waterproofing membranes – structures such as shower niches and benches are built using the same technique. The shower could also be fitted with a linear drain to accommodate large format tiles on the shower floor. The following projects are examples of conventional walk-in showers:

Walk-in – Glass & stone

Walk-in – Polished porcelain

Walk-in – Sicis glass tile

Walk-in – All glass shower

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