Specifications, code & standards

Surface preparation is the most important aspect of any tile project and it is at the center of most installation failures. As a qualified and professional tile setter we carry the responsibility of your tile assembly and waterproofing. As such, we know better than a general contractor how to prepare the surfaces, based on current industry standards and according to the specific nature and size of your tile.  If you already have a general contractor, we can certainly work with him and specify all surface preparation requirements.

However, should you choose to get involved in your tile project, you can save by eliminating the project management overhead with our help and expertise. Our approach to your tile renovation project is different from that of a general contractor because you benefit from a true professional service for each trade involved.  That is, we take on the surface preparation and tile installation and coordinate the work with any needed specialized trade that we can refer you (plumber, electrician, glass expert, etc.).

We specify surface preparation based on:

 Tile Industry standards (TTMAC)
 Mortar and membrane specifications
 Local code of construction / RBQ and CCQ
 Tile manufacturer’s recommendations

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