Stone treatment

Natural stone needs to be sealed with an impregnator to help protect it from stains and ease their maintenance. After the installation, we wash the stone tiles with a specialized stone cleaner and stripper to remove any loose grout color pigments and contaminants. Then, after having allowed the necessary time for the humidity to evaporate, we apply a stone enhancer or translucent impregnator.

No stone tile is alike and they all react differently to stone sealers, adhesives and humidity. In addition, as the origin of the tiles evolve, their properties, porosity and aesthetics also change – retailers constantly look for different foreign suppliers with better prices and product diversity. As a result, two stones tiles exhibiting familiar looks could react differently to the same sealer and mortar if they come from different quarries. Consequently, we always perform sample tests with finishing products and mortars before their installation.

Stone cleaning

Stone sealer application

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